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Frequently asked questions

Security questions

Yes. Our connection is secure. Authentication is performed using RSA private keys you generate when you first sign up. Communication is encrypted using gateway's password with AES algorithm. Passwords are session based.

No. We don't know anyone's password. And we're not playing when we say so. For each connection, traffic is encrypted using password specified at gateway's side (where you are connecting TO). If password is invalid - no traffic can go through. So, there's no "come on you can surely connect while I sleep" issue. We can't.

Yes. You can block, or allow, specific access to your device, your network, or the internet through you. You can also block or allow specific IP/Port combinations through set of filters. So, you can prepare filters just to accept specific connection - i.e. to let them access some device on your network without being able to connect or see anything else.

General questions

Just a name for our 'presence' server where you must connect so we know you're online, and can mediate connections between you and remote gateway.

No. We just mediate to connect each other. We exchange 'you should connect here..' packets between two sides. But we don't actually relay traffic.

No, unless you give them your password. Not even us, without the password, are able to access your computer/phone.


Whatever can be accessed by computer that is your gateway, you can access to. We're forwarding UDP and TCP packets (and partially ICMP). Once you connect to gateway, internet sees you as you're coming from that gateway. You don't have separate IP address.

Network questions

You don't get any IP. You use remote device for outgoing access.

No. You can only make outgoing connections through remote device. It is intentional. You can't make servers there.

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