About us

We've been arround for a long time

Wirelends, owned by "Secure Plus d.o.o.", Croatia (Europe).

We are a small company of highly professional people founded in 1998.

Starting in November 2001, we are focused on developing innovative and creative products - ActiveX and NET components through WeOnlyDo Software, which are significantly different than others currently available in the market. We are delivering components that are easy to use, but at the same time we try to unleash the full power of the technology we use and implement.

Through all these years we were dealing with internet protocols and security, and implementing sort of VPN was just a natural step to go. As such, we have implemnted all the security, speed, stabilitity and maturity to the product - even it's completely new.

We hope you will enjoy using it just as much as we enjoyed making it!

Thank you for your constant attention on our products.

Kresimir Petric,


Secure Plus d.o.o.
Sarvaska 12
Osijek, HR-31000


+385 91 2500 950