Access the intranet.

Through partner's device.

Reach the internet.

for resources available to him.
And, mirrored, to you too!

It's a VPN.

Via someone's device!

To grab his piece of cake, too! Unlike other VPN solutions, Wirelends does not use our bandwidth. It does not use our servers to hide your true location.

You will use remote gateway provided by your friend, coworker, buddy, pal, stranger... If they are willing to share their resources with you. They may have what you don't have (camera access, subscriptions based on location, devices only available in their network etc..) and let you use it. The same way as they use it. From same device as they use it.

Works with all devices

On desktops, mobiles, servers...

Wirelends will run on many devices and many operating systems. It will work on your desktop, of course, but also on your smartphone. You can get access to remote resources with a single click.

What's even better that remote side needs to install only small piece of software, ~150 KB of size, in order to accept your connections. And that can be console-type service, full blown desktop, server in a data center, his mobile device, small equipment such as Raspberry Pi.. Wirelends runs almost everywhere.

How Wirelends works?

Easy, actually.

From your phone

Or desktop computer.
We have apps for both. Real VPN is created.

To remote phone

Or desktop, or service.
No installation is needed. Just run small app on remote.

And up you go!

You will appear on the Internet just like you're coming from remote device. Whatever he can visit - you can visit too.

For home and office use

To get the work done!

On your job

To connect to your business partner's network and access documents he wants to share.

From home

You could play games with your friend by connecting to his home network to play together. Or share your videos to his large-screen TV. Just like you are sitting next to him.

Somewhere outside.

From your laptop, via your phone, through his phone, to his laptop. While you're sitting in the park enjoying the sun.